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Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez
Some of you have subscribed for free in the hope of receiving something from this newsletter. Unfortunately, the Revue service doesn’t seem to differentiate very well between paid and unpaid members. For example, this message will be seen by our Members (paid subscribers).
There is no free newsletter. There (probably) never will be.
I started the Tweekly newsletter as a low-cost ($5/month) alternative to our Premium newsletter (currently $25/month). The Premium newsletter publishes new articles every week - usually 4-6 of them, as well as our popular “Seen in the Wild” section which aggregates a lot of stories of interest to online marketers (and I don’t mean rehashes of all the trivial Google announcements many newsletters are built around).
I would love to send out a free weekly newsletter, but I don’t have time to put one together. I’m very sorry, but that’s just the way it is.
The Tweekly newsletter reprints articles from older issues of the Premium newsletter. It only takes a few minutes for me to put it together every week.
If you’re not yet a paying subscriber, but you’d like to receive the Tweekly newsletter, please consider subscribing. You can terminate your subscription at any time.
I did give out 1 free Member subscription - to the first person to sign up for the Tweekly newsletter. That was an Easter Egg and a reward for the first person to take a chance on this experimental newsletter. There won’t be any other free subscriptions.
Thank you for your interest. And to the paid members who receive this, thank you for joining me in this experiment. I saw Revue launch and wanted to try it out. I’ll keep the Tweekly newsletter going for as long as we have paying subscribers.
Best regards to you all.

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Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez @seo_theory

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